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Se imparassimo ad amare non ciò che vediamo, ma ciò che "sentiamo" forse diventeremmo migliori... Grazie Simonetta

Eventi aziendali

eventi_aziendali copiaDialogo nel Buio proposes new and original ideas to organize meetings among cooperators and employees of your company.

Many companies arrange special events for employees, cooperators or customers at Dialogo Nel Buio.
For instance, a dinner or an aperitif in the dark can be a fascinating sensory experience but also an original moment of aggregation where conviviality and group identity are boosted.

Our dinner in the dark or Cafénoir (aperitif in the dark) are perfect chances to support relationships or reinforce bonds within a team. This is why more and more companies are choosing Dialogo to organize meetings not only for training purposes.

Why Dialogo nel Buio?

  • To prove your support to a project having big social and human value, which helps participants trust the other, learn how to listen and not fear new challenges.


  • To offer your colleagues a moment of reflection they will remember for a long time.


  • To discover your new potentialities and find those of your colleagues thanks to an expert blind guide who helps participants rediscover the value of listening, the beauty of touching and the pleasure in tasting.

Dinner or aperitif? The important thing is that it is in the dark!


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