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"Il piacere della lettura è anche sulla punta delle dita". Verissima questa frase, incredibile quante cose si possono apprezzare anche al buio e senza vedere con la vista. Grazie per la bellissima visita. Federica.

the history of Art of Touch

From the Louvre to Milan passing through Europe

La Venere di Milo
“The Art of Touch” was born thanks to the cooperation between Istituto dei Ciechi di Milano and the Louvre di Museum of Paris. However, the idea of a tactile exhibition dates back to twelve years ago when a special area specifically designed for visually impaired people was set up at the Louvre. By touching some reproductions of sculptures which were already displayed in the museum blind visitors could explore the big masterpieces coming from the past. That gallery displayed a series of classical sculptures when it was inaugurated in 1995.

Soon it was discovered that the exhibition could work also for sighted people. Using hands instead of sight allowed visitors to find new details in the sculptures. Visitors were surprised by their own perceptive potentials.

What is the difference between a sculpture dating back to more than two thousand years ago and its exact reproduction? Can a copy move us and stimulate our mind as the original would do?

These are open questions suggesting a new approach modality.

The sculptures were displayed at the Omero Museum in Ancona, in Split, Zagreb, Belgrade and Skopje.

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